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From the moment our hearts were captured by the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska during our honeymoon, our passion for travel ignited like wildfire. We were hooked on the exhilarating feeling of escaping the ordinary and exploring places we had never seen before.  However, the demands of work always seemed to stand in the way of our wanderlust.

Then, life delivered a powerful wake-up call. When Trish survived a challenging bout with the virus, we were reminded that life is far too short to let it pass us by without seizing every precious moment.  That was the turning point.  We made a life-changing decision to become Certified Travel Advisors, allowing us to turn our passion into one of our professions.

Both of us share a deep connection to Florida, having grown up in the Sunshine State. Our childhood memories are punctuated by the magic of Disney World, where we were fortunate enough to be among the first to experience the enchantment when it first opened its gates. To us, Disney World truly is the "Most Magical Place on Earth." Our favorite way to relive that enchantment is by staying at a Disney resort, spending our days at the wondrous Magic Kingdom, and savoring the evenings with the exquisite dining options Disney World offers.

Despite a minor hiccup (or perhaps, a memorable adventure) on The Disney Wish cruise that encountered a breakdown in Nassau, our love for the Caribbean sun and sea only deepened and reinforced our adoration for these stunning tropical paradises.

Today, we stand in a unique position to share our extensive travel experiences with you and help you embark on unforgettable adventures of your own. Whether you dream of exploring the majestic Rocky Mountains, immersing yourself in the enchantment of Disney World, or discovering the beauty of the great Spanish Lake, we are here to make your travel dreams come true.

Our belief is that there is no limit to adventure. Together, let's create moments that will fill your heart with joy, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime. Welcome to the world of boundless exploration, and welcome to the journey of a lifetime with us as your trusted travel advisors.

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